There are many things we do in routine, without thinking much about them or paying any heed to them but these nuances and small things reveal so much about us and our personality, in general.

Our choice of clothing, accessories, jewelry, our shoes, our writing style, how we speak, what music we listen to and so many other things. Talking about shoes in particular, they are a very good parameter to judge how you are feeling that day and what your overall personality is like.

Even though shoes aren’t the first thing we notice when someone comes into our peripheral vision, they are a very important aspect of our personality, how we feel and what we really are. Shoes have so many things like colors, style, size of heel, cost and brand  based on which we can analyze a person’s personality.

Black platform boots, wedges, stilettos, ballet pumps, kitten heels, loafer, sneakers and many more. There are some shoes that are our go-to and there are some shoes we wear on special occasions, each one revealing a different facet of the personality. Like shoes, our personality also has so much more than what appears on the surface levels.

So let’s dig deep into the personalities of the people and see what they are desperately trying to hide for the prying eyes with a thing as simple as shoes!

Personality Traits Revealed By Our Choice of Shoes

1. Flashy High Heels- Extrovert, Attention Seeker

Wearing bright colored, high heels, boots, stilettos and other options reveal much about your personality. The key thing here is that these shoes draw attention, even the unwanted one. So what can we deduce from this. Well, the person sure wants to be the focus of the room they enter.

This is the personality of only an extrovert, attention seeker, opportunist and a confident person. These people are not afraid of what other people think about them, they have goals, high dreams and big plans which can’t be hindered by the opinions of some onlookers. So the next time you see someone wearing flashy shoes, know that they are in a league of their own!

2. Sneakers or Sporty Shoes- Focused, Goal-oriented and Amicable

Sneakers have become a world phenomenon, like literally these sporty shoes have become a status symbol, a way of looking cool and fashionable and what not. So what does it tell us about all the men, women, girls, boys, adults, adolescents and even parents hoarding them? Well the world we live in today, is cut-throat, hard-hitting and unforgiving so all of us become much more strong, focused, unhinged and goal-oriented. Even if we are done for the day, we are always up for new plans, new challenges, multitasking and rearranging things.

Sneakers lovers who can’t wear anything else are amicable, easy-going and friendly people in general. They have huge amounts of energy inside them and they love to help others whenever they can or whenever they are reached out to.

3. Flats- Behind-the-scenes-leader, perfectionist and very generous

People who like to wear flats are generally very hardworking, outdoorsy, always-on-their-feet kind of people. They are working their asses-off behind-the-scenes, it’s their hard work, resilience and dedication that make things workout and the show goes on! Flat shoe lovers are basically perfectionists who can’t allow a pair of shoes to come between their commitment and work.

Another important thing about flat shoe wearers’ is that they don’t like to draw attention to themselves, they want to work like a shadow and disappear when the thing has been achieved. They truly let their work speak for themselves.

4. Wedges/Platform shoes- Chameleons, Party-pleasers and Confident

Wedge or platform heel lovers are the people who want to fit into every group. They don’t want to displease anyone and befriend everyone. Much like chameleons, they blend into every party seamlessly and I am not saying this in a bad way at all, it is a talent! These chunky up lifters are not uncomfortable like stilettos and neither on ground zero like flats, just the perfect balance between both the extremes.

Getting the advantage of a few inches without the pain, wedge wearers make the best use of any given opportunity.

5. Branded Shoes all the Way- Self-conscious, Want-leave-A-Mark, high-achievers

People who love to spend endlessly on brand shoes are usually a little self-conscious of themselves. They don’t want to blend in the crowd, they want to stand out and stand tall.

These people are certainly high-achievers and have earned enough for others now they are not the part of the crowd follower rather crowd movers.

Last Words

Shoes are a very important part of our lives now, they make us look complete, presentable and reveal so much about us. Choosing the right shoe for the right occasion can make or break a situation for you, so choose the shoes right!