No outfit has the ability to shine on its own, it needs a little something extra which is supplemented by accessories. Accessories indeed can make or break your look depending on what you’re wearing and how much help it needs. You can very easily add a bling to your outfit with these accessories or you can even bring down the look a notch or two.

Accessories are also simple to add on to any outfit, not much effort is required from your side, just make sure you know which accessory goes best for the look you want to create. Every year brings its own new styles that affect the looks we create on a daily basis and sometimes the old trends are given a new life.

The year 2022 is no different, it has arrived with new trends like big tote bags that will give your looks a new stylish life and some old trends are also revived like small gold hoop earrings that are a classic with certain outfits.

Without proper accessorizing of the look it appears bland, unthoughtful and incomplete whereas with just a few right accessories the same look can become a style statement that can leave a lasting impact or help make a powerful first impression.

If you want to enhance your looks this year with accessories then it's time to look at the accessories the year 2022 has in store for us, so let’s get started.

6 Best Accessories to Enhance your Look in 2022

1. Large Tote Handbags

Handbags are more like a necessity rather than an accessory but even if we do consider it one they certainly have the ability to single handed elevate any look, no matter how simple or plain it may be. There are a lot of new trends that we can see in 2022 when it comes to handbags and there are some that are still going strong from earlier years.

The major trend seen this year are the large tote handbags made with soft material, they have been hot selling.  Celebrities, influencers and bloggers all have been carrying it with every outfit no matter where they are heading. Cross body bags for women are also very much in vogue and are perfect for everyday laid back looks.

2. Statement Necklaces

People generally shy away from this accessory as it’s bold, crowd-pulling and certainly attention-grabbing. But if you can pair it with an outfit, nothing can beat its charm and aesthetic appeal. 

The bold statement necklaces are very feminine which can accentuate any outfit that needs a bit of glam. The statement necklaces have the power to become a focal point of the whole look you are trying to create so try to pair it with simple and plain outfits like white blouse and tees or a simple slip dress or with eyelet midi dresses.

3. Logo belts

Belts have been a fashion accessory for decades now, people love enhancing their outfits with belts of all kinds but this trend has certainly taken the hype and has now become an important accessory that can sometimes define your whole style.

We have seen those gold chain and bold buckle belts but it’s now time for logo belts. Branded logo belts look super cool and stylish when paired with jeans and tees for a casual look but for a more formal look you can also pair them with a dress.

4. Earring, Rings and Bracelets

Now these have been in vogue since the dawn of time, women of all ages and decades have used earrings, rings and bracelets to accessorise their looks. But what kind of styles are in fashion keep on changing every year.

This year the small gold hoop earrings look very cool and sober, the bracelets are paired with smart watches to create a perfect balance between a sporty look and a feminine feel. The rings that are ruling the hands are more delicate and sober rather than the bold and chunky ones.

5. Colorful shoes

People are loving the bright colored shoes available at high end stores as well as stores like ZARA, Bershka, Shein, Miss LOLA, Mango and H&M, all making these shoes due to the love received by people.

These shoes can be color coordinated with outfits making the whole look very stylish and symmetrical. These shoes have transparent vinyl straps, kitten heels and pointed toes that look amazing with simple as well as formal dresses.

6. Hats

A more of a summer accessory but oh-so-cool! The bucket hats have made their way back to our wardrobes after some 2 decades but with a bang! They look so cool and cute with jeans and tees, cargo pants and simple beach dresses. They also protect you from the summer sun and make the whole look very easy and comfy.

Last lines

 Any look, no matter how expensive each piece is, looks boring and bland with the right accessories. Accessories have become a huge deal in the world of fashion and they are sometimes more expensive than the outfit itself, so make sure you spice up your 2022 looks with the right accessories.