You are what you wear, the clothes that you adorn, the accessories that you pair up with the outfits and the look that you create on a daily basis reveal a lot about your style and personality.

Clothes, the cuts, colors, fabric and style also are a great medium to gauge one’s mood, their frame of mind as well as how you feel that day. In fact the clothes send nonverbal signals to others so that they can determine your power, influence, smartness and even your financial stability.

There is a plethora of choices when it comes to clothing styles which can be amped up or mellow downed by accessories like lace up sneakers for women or easy sliders, by cross body bags or by a simple tote bag.

We all want to make a powerful statement or give out a clear message through our clothes, sometime we want to put forward a message of power and excellence, sometimes we want to look appealing, sometimes our aim is to look sexy, other times we just want to be comfortable and ourselves and all of this can be easily achieved with just the right clothing.

In this article, I will be telling how exactly our clothes that we choose actually say about our personal style and our personality on the whole. So let’s get started to see what we are putting out in the world to see when we wear bucket hats for women or cropped shirts or flared pants.

Clothing Choices and What They Reveal About our Personality and Style

1. Color Choices

When wearing clothes, the color combinations or the color palette of the outfit is the first marker of your current state of mind and what you want to put across. The usage of colors in your outfit is a great way to make a powerful fashion statement or to give out a loud and clear message to the world.

The color choices are endless nowadays, you can find almost every style in every color possible so it has become very easy to dress the way you want in your favorite styles.

Black is the ultimate color of power, success and professionalism whereas white is perfect for peace, stability, tranquility and innocence. Neutral tones reveal that you are just too complacent which doesn’t allow you to test your boundaries and discover new things.  Other colors like blues, greens, purples, reds, oranges and grays show varying degrees of passion, happiness, energy, fun and confidence.

2. Formal or Casual Attire Choices

I am not going very deep into each point, my aim is to brush past the maximum points, so as in this case if your choice of clothing is more formal than casual you want to be taken seriously by others, want to sound competent, knowledgeable and reliable. Formal clothes in darker hues just doubles all that I mentioned above. When accessorizing the formal outfits keep things minimal and let the suit take the center stage. 

On the other hand, if you style your outfits in a more casual way it reveals that you want to come out as friendly, perceived as easy-to-approach and vibrant. If you have a casual style you’d prefer brighter hues which are comfortable, loosely-fitted and uncomplicated.

When it comes to accessorizing casual outfits, bucket hats for women and lace up sneakers for women are a great way to showcase your inner laid-back style and attitude.

3. Want to look More Professional or Trendy

Some people like to look a certain way and want to be perceived in a certain way, these kinds of people often lean toward clothing items that fit like a glove, are neither too in-the-face nor too bland to go in the background and the skin-show is very limited to a certain level.

A perfectly tailored outfit that hugs all the right areas of your body type and leaves the not-so-confident areas. The professional style is mostly gender neutral which means it can be worn by both men and women. However if you like to look attractive, sexy and stylish with what you wear then you need to wear clothes that make you stand tall from the throng as soon as you enter.

It should be a crowd-please, neck-tuners and truly a grasper. But wearing attractive clothes doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable and revealing too much, it should be powerful, in vogue, and cool.

4. Branded Clothes only

Lastly, if you only rely on branded clothes and accessories when it comes to your style it means you don’t really have any personal preferences and all you want is to take cover under the brands name.

Surely there is no harm in mixing and matching and getting a few designer outfits and accessories but getting just those mindlessly means you just want to show-off your wealth and want to be treated in a certain privileged way.


Clothes are an essential part of who we are as a person. It’s like a window to our inner soul which can reveal a lot about us without us uttering a word. So if you want to give a certain message or want to be perceived a certain way, clothes and accessories are the best medium to do so!